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Family at home


Our goal at Engage Positive Parenting Initiative is to inspire and support parents nationwide in fostering loving connections with their children, nurturing their innate talents and gifts. 

Through a discussion-style format, our aim is to fortify and enhance parents' roles within the home environment. As parents, we hold the key to shaping the future generation through our words, actions, and leading by example. Our societal impact is profound, and our responsibilities as caregivers can have a lasting positive influence on our children's lives.

According to the Engage evaluation study and report by Baylor University faculty members (Dr. Karen K. Melton and Marie Ament, June 2019, parents' successful participation in the Engage parenting program leads to a positive changes in effective parenting, parental nurturance, and effective discipline. We empower parents to translate these insights into practical action steps, fostering a stronger and more meaningful connection with their children. 

Engage is a free program and is offered in partnership with community outreach organizations.

Observable outcomes of Engage Positive Parenting Initiative:

  • Parents are inspired and encouraged to be responsible leaders and examples in their home.

  • Parents exhibit a greater ability to nurture and discipline their children in a wise and loving manner.

  • Parents encourage and enable their children to reach toward future goals.

  • Parents have increased capability to equip and encourage their kids in school.

  • Parents demonstrate increased communication skills with their children.

  • Parents show evidence of developing a healthier home-life both physically and emotionally.

  • Participants show increased self-confidence and joyfulness.

  • Parents experience community and connectedness between participants.

Each eight-week parenting session covers:

  • Parenting responsibilities and goals.

  • How to equip children to achieve in school and strengthen their educational experience.

  • Nutrition and physical well-being.

  • Emotional health and development.

  • Social skills, bullying and building positive friendships.

  • Anger and forgiveness.

  • Family values and spiritual strength.

  • Making wise financial choices.

Karol Ladd


Engage Positive Parenting Initiative's founder, Karol Ladd, is the author of more than 35 books, including the Power of a Positive Mom and Defuse, A Mom’s Survival Guide to More Love, Less Anger. As a former teacher, Karol’s desire is to make a positive difference in the lives of children in every strata of society. She developed the Engage curriculum for the express purpose of equipping and strengthening parents in their responsibilities in the home. Learn more by visiting Karol's website at


Board Members

  • Jenny Allison

  • Julie Davis-Colan

  • Dana Epperson

  • Cathy Flores

  • Candace Gray

  • David Johnson

  • Karol Ladd

  • Sandra Martinez

  • Brad Popoff

  • Holly Powers

  • Lisa Simmons

  • Donna Skell

  • Cathy Vanderheyden

Executive Team Members

  • Meredith Bentley

  • Janeth Brambila

  • Vicki Herndon

  • Karol Ladd

  • Marcela Lerma

  • Cynthia Morris

  • Julie Smith

  • Kim Thomas

  • Joy Wright

Our Core Values


Class discussion and participation between parents is the heartbeat of Engage. Our hope is to provide a stimulating environment that promotes healthy communication and meaningful conversation within the family.


Engage classes equip parents with practical ways to create a flourishing atmosphere in the home. We believe that God designed families as the basic structure of society, therefore our core values are founded on Biblical principles. 


We strive to provide the emotional and mental tools that strengthen and inspire our participants to parent with a positive and deliberate focus. 

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